Williams Ratcheting Repair Kit For M-52A
Williams Ratcheting Repair Kit For M-52A
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Williams JHWM-52ARK 1/4" Drive Ratchet Repair Kit (For M-52A)

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Part Number: JHWM-52ARK

Williams M-52ARK Repair Kit for 1/4" Drive Round Head Ratchet, 5"

High-Polished Chrome Finish


  • Double pawl design with 72 teeth action provides a 5° ratcheting angle.
  • Shift lever reverses action instantly.
  • Knurled handle provides a non-slip grip.
  • Chrome plating provides increased protection from rust and corrosion.

Country of Origin: US

Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty - subject to terms and conditions of manufacturer.


High-Polished Chrome Finish

Product CodeDescriptionLength (Inches)Number of Teeth
JHWM-52A Chrome Finish Round Head Ratchet 5" 72
JHWM-52ARK Repair Kit for Round Head Ratchet

Fed. Spec: ANSI B107.10M