Williams SC Combination Wrench, Set Chrome 32 Pieces
Williams SC Combination Wrench, Set Chrome 32 Pieces
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Williams JHWWS-1191SC Combination Wrench 32 Piece Set Satin Finish

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SUPERCOMBO® open end has specially designed grooves that direct wrench force away from fastener corners SUPERTORQUE® box opening design allows application of higher torque without rounding or deforming hex fastener points. No contact is made at the corners. Instead, wrenching forces are placed on the flat surfaces behind the points. Meets or exceeds aerospace specification AS 954 for 12 point fasteners (as defined by AS 870) to provide accurate torque/tension relationship for precision application. May be used on all common hex (6 point) fasteners with considerable advantage over conventional box end wrenches to increase both hand tool flexibility and economy

Country of Origin: US

Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty - subject to terms and conditions of manufacturer.


High Polish Chrome and Satin Chrome Finish, 12 Point, SAE

Set Contents:

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1216SC 1/2 X X X X X
1218SC 9/16 X X X X X
1220SC 5/8 X X X X X
1222SC 11/16 X X X X X
1224SC 3/4 X X X X X
1226SC 13/16 X X X X
1228SC 7/8 X X X X
1230SC 15/16 X X X X
1232SC 1 X X X X
1234SC 1-1/16 X X X
1236SC 1-1/8 X X X
1240SC 1-1/4 X X X
1242 1-5/16 X X X X
1244 1-3/8 X X X X
1246 1-7/16 X X X X
1248 1-1/2 X X X X
1180 1-5/8 X X X X
1182 1-11/16 X X X X
1184 1-3/4 X X X X
1186 1-13/16 X X X X
1188 1-7/8 X X X X
1190 2 X X X X
1191 2-1/16 X