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Williams 3/4" Drive Deep Impact Socket, 6-Point SAE 1-9/16"
Williams 3/4" Drive Deep Impact Socket, 6-Point SAE 1-9/16"
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Williams JHW16-650 3/4" Drive Deep Impact Socket 6-Point SAE 1-9/16"

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Part Number: JHW16-650

3/4" Drive Deep Impact Sockets, 6 Point, SAE

Black Industrial Finish


  • SUPERTORQUE® lobular openings for greater turning power without deforming the fastener.
  • Designed for maximum engagement on 6 point fasteners.
  • Suitable for use with pneumatic and electric impact wrenches.
  • Specially heat treated for impact use to provide long life, safety, and durability.

Country of Origin: US

Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty - subject to terms and conditions of manufacturer.

Williams 3/4


Black Industrial Finish

Product CodeSize (Inches)A - OAL (Inches)B - Drive End Diameter (Inches)C - Working End Diameter (Inches)D - Broach Depth (Inches)E - Bolt Clearance Depth (Inches)Bolt Clearance Diameter (Inches)F - Nose Length (Inches)Uses RET RING® NumberUse O-Ring / Pin
16-6243/431-5/81-1/49/162-1/329/163/46-1XS6-1A / 6-2B
16-62613/1631-5/81-7/165/82-1/329/163/46-1XS6-1A / 6-2B
16-6287/831-5/81-7/165/82-1/325/83/46-1XS6-1A / 6-2B
16-63015/1631-5/81-5/85/82-1/325/8-6-1XS6-1A / 6-2B
16-632131-5/81-5/811/162-1/3221/32-6-1XS6-1A / 6-2B
16-6341-1/1631-5/81-11/1611/162-1/323/42-5/166-1XS6-1A / 6-2B
16-6361-1/831-5/81-3/43/42-1/3213/162-5/166-1XS6-1A / 6-2B
16-6381-3/163-3/161-3/41-15/163/42-7/321-3/162-1/26-1XS6-1A / 6-2C
16-6401-1/43-1/41-3/41-15/167/82-9/321-1/42-9/166-1XS6-1A / 6-2C
16-6421-5/163-1/41-3/427/82-9/321-9/322-9/166-1XS6-1A / 6-2C
16-6441-3/83-1/41-3/42-1/87/82-9/321-3/82-9/166-1XS6-1A / 6-2C
16-6461-7/163-1/21-3/42-1/87/82-17/321-13/322-13/166-1XS6-1A / 6-2C
16-6481-1/23-1/21-3/42-1/415/162-17/321-1/22-13/166-1XS6-1A / 6-2C
16-6501-9/163-1/21-3/42-5/1615/162-17/321-9/162-13/166-1XS6-1A / 6-2C
16-6521-5/83-1/21-3/42-7/1615/162-17/321-5/82-13/166-1XS6-1A / 6-2C
16-6541-11/163-1/21-3/42-1/212-17/321-11/162-13/166-1XS6-1A / 6-2C
16-6561-3/43-1/21-3/42-1/212-17/321-3/42-13/166-1XS6-1A / 6-2C
16-6581-13/163-3/41-3/42-5/81-1/162-3/41-13/162-25/326-1XS6-1A / 6-2C
16-6601-7/83-3/41-3/42-11/161-1/82-3/41-7/82-25/326-1XS6-1A / 6-2C
16-66423-3/41-3/42-3/161-1/82-3/422-25/326-1XS6-1A / 6-2C

Fed. Spec: ANSI B107.2

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