URREA Straight Jaw Puller 2-5/8"
URREA Straight Jaw Puller 2-5/8"
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URREA 4213 Heavy Duty 12-Pieces Straight Jaw Puller Set, 6 Tons Capacity

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Treated steel forcing screw; features a hex head that can be turned with socket and ratchet. Has a floating tip that exerts the extraction force. Forged head made of high-resistance steel. Die-cut and hardened metal clip holds the jaws to the puller’s body. Interchangeable and adjustable jaws, great for different types of extractions. Includes: Screw head jaw 2-5/8", Long jaw 5-1/2", Thin jaw 5-1/2".

URREA 4213 Straight Jaw Puller

4213Screw head jaw2-5/8"
Long jaw5-1/2"
Thin jaw5-1/2"

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