custom options

At Abolox, we believe that every detail matters, so we offer custom options for our hand tools and safety apparel. Tailor your tools and gear to meet your specific needs and preferences, ensuring functionality and a personal touch in your professional equipment. Explore our customizable options and create products that are indeed yours.

Custom Hand Tools

  • Personalization Options

    • Build to Specification - We assemble hand tools sets tailored to your specific operational needs and requirements, ensuring they meet the precise demands of your projects. Save money by creating custom tool sets that contain the exact tools you need for the job. Standard sets often contains items or sizes you don't need, and you can save money and space by removing those tools from your sets.
    • Material Selection - Opt for various materials that enhance durability, improve ergonomics, or meet specific job-related needs.
  • Benefits

    • Tailor-made tools ensure optimal performance and adaptability for your unique work environment.
    • Selecting suitable materials can enhance tool longevity and user comfort, reducing replacement costs and increasing efficiency.

Custom Safety Apparel

  • Design Your Gear

    • Logo Embroidery - Have your company logo, name, or safety messages embroidered on your safety apparel for enhanced professional appearance.
    • Color Options - Select colors that reflect your company's style or are optimized for visibility in your work environment.
    • Material Choices - Choose materials based on your safety requirements, climate conditions, or comfort preferences.
  • Benefits

    • Customized safety apparel increases team unity and brand recognition.
    • Tailored materials and designs can improve safety and comfort, enhancing workplace performance.

How to Customize

  • Step-by-Step Guide

    • Please choose the product you want to customize from our range of hand tools or safety apparel.
    • Select your customization options using our interactive online tool.