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CDI Torque Adaptor - Male Z-Shank to Female -Shank (TC)
CDI Torque Adaptor - Male Z-Shank to Female -Shank (TC)
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CDI QZ-X Torque Adaptor - Z-Shank Male to X-Shank Female (TCQZ-X)

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Part Number: CDIQZ-X

Interchangeable Head Drives for Pre-Sets -Adaptor


  • Z Male to X Female Adaptor.
  • Black Industrial Finish.

Country of Origin: US


Product CodeDescriptions
TCQJ-YJ Male to Y Female
TCQXYX Male to Y Female
TCQY-XY Male to X Female
TCQZ-XZ Male to X Female
TCQZD32A-1Z Shank 1 Drive Ratchets

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