Bahco Insulated Curved Blade Knife
Bahco Insulated Curved Blade Knife
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Bahco 2820VPC 1000V Insulated Curved-Bent Blade Knife, 50 mm Blade Length, 180 mm Total Length

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VDE Insulated Bent Knives 2820VPC


  • Dip-coated insulation.
  • 3-layer safety colour code insulation.
  • For working on live equipment up to 1000 V according to IEC 60900.
  • Curved blade.
  • 3 Multi-layer coating with different colours indicating safety, danger or high danger. Plus a 4th one in black to further protect handle edges.
  • This provides protection as well as creating a visual warning system.
  • If the outer insulation layer gets damaged, the lighter colour underneath will become visible and warn the user.
  • Each and every tool is tested to 1000V for 10 seconds at the end of the manufacturing cycle.

Country of Origin: ES


For protection against inadvertent shock when working on circuits up to 1000V.

Product CodeDescriptionBlade LengthTotal Length
2820VPCKnife with Bent Blade50 mm180 mm