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Wright Tool 1/2" Drive Deep Impact Socket, 6-Point Metric 23 mm
Wright Tool 1/2" Drive Deep Impact Socket, 6-Point Metric 23 mm
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Wright Tool 49-23MM 1/2" Drive Deep Impact Socket 6-Point Metric 23 mm

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Part Number: WRI49-23MM

Wright Tool 1/2" Drive Deep Metric Impact Socket 6-Point

Patented Wright Drive design distributes contact over a larger surface area for greater gripping power and strength. Oiled Black Oxide finish


  • Forged and Machined for Best Fit and Unyielding Strength
  • Precision Heat-Treated and tempered for optimal hardness, ductility and durability
  • Easy to read stamp pattern in order to quickly determine opening size
  • Made in the USA. Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Barberton, OH
  • Meets and exceeds ASME B107 hand tool standards
Wright Tool Deep Impact 6  Point

1/2" Drive Black Oxide Deep Industrial Socket 6 Point Metric

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Part Number30 Character DescriptionClassDriveNut End Config.StyleSAE or MetricFinishNut end Nom. SizeShape / DrawingOverall Length -LNut End Diameter - DsDrive End Diameter - DdNut End Depth - Bd
49-10MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 10mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide10mmI82.5517.0623.817.94
49-11MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 11mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide11mmI82.5518.2623.817.14
49-12MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 12mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide12mmI82.5519.8623.818.33
49-13MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 13mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide13mmI82.5520.6423.818.33
49-14MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 14mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide14mmI82.5522.2324.610.32
49-15MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 15mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide15mmII82.5524.624.610.32
49-16MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 16mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide16mmII82.5525.425.411.9
49-17MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 17mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide17mmII82.5526.5926.5912.29
49-18MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 18mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide18mmII82.5527.7627.7664.72
49-19MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 19mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide19mmII82.5529.3629.3664.05
49-20MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 20mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide20mmII82.5530.1630.1663.72
49-21MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 21mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide21mmII82.5531.7531.7563.38
49-22MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 22mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide22mmII82.5532.5432.5469.4
49-23MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 23mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide23mmII88.934.1434.1469.07
49-24MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 24mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide24mmII88.935.3135.3168.73
49-27MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 27mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide27mmIII88.938.134.9367.43
49-29MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 29mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide29mmIII88.941.2634.9366.76
49-30MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 30mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide30mmIII88.942.8834.9366.43
49-31MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 31mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide31mmIII88.944.4534.9366.43
49-32MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 32mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide32mmIII88.944.4534.9365.76
49-34MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 34mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide34mmIII88.951.1834.9365.1
49-35MM1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 35mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide35mmIII88.952.3738.8864.76
49-36mm1/2" Dr 6Pt Dp Imp Skt 36mmImpact1/2"Dr6 PtDeepMetricBlack Oxide36mmIII88.952.3738.8864.43