Wright Tool 104-Piece Industrialtenance Set-Tools Only
Wright Tool 104-Piece Industrialtenance Set-Tools Only
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Wright Tool 181 104-Piece Industrial Maintenance Set-Tools Only

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Part Number: WRI181

Wright Tool 181 104-Piece Industrial Maintenance Set-Tools Only

Wright Tool Master sets designed for the professional. From the Mega Master Set to smaller apprentice and basic service and metric sets. Each set contains quality tools, carefully selected according to need and coverage.


  • Master sets are available with or without cabinets or Chests. Storage units are researched and selected specifically to handle the set purchased
  • Patented Wright Drive & WrightGrip technology provides more tool-to-fastener contac, better fastener torque load and longer tool life.
  • Wright Tools are Forged and Machined for Best Fit and Unyielding Strength
  • Wright Tool Brand is made in the USA

Industrial Maintenance Set

Industrial Maintenance Set-1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Drives

Set No. 181 (Tools Only - Box Not Included) 104- Pieces

Part NumberDescriptionSizePart NumberDescriptionSize
1108Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.1/4"411412 Pt. Standard Socket7/16"
1110Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.5/16"411612 Pt. Standard Socket1/2"
1112Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.3/8"411812 Pt. Standard Socket9/16"
1114Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.7/16"412012 Pt. Standard Socket5/8"
1116Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.1/2"412212 Pt. Standard Socket11/16"
1118Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.9/16"412412 Pt. Standard Socket3/4"
1120Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.5/8"412612 Pt. Standard Socket13/16"
1122Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.11/16"412812 Pt. Standard Socket7/8"
1124Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.3/4"413012 Pt. Standard Socket15/16"
1126Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.13/16"413212 Pt. Standard Socket1"
1128Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.7/8"413412 Pt. Standard Socket1-1/16"
1130Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.15/16"413612 Pt. Standard Socket1-1/8"
1132Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.1"413812 Pt. Standard Socket1-3/16"
1134Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.1-1/16"414012 Pt. Standard Socket1-1/4"
1136Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.1-1/8"44022" Extension
1140Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.1-1/4"44055" Extension
1310Open End Wrench1/4" x 5/16"441010" Extension
1314Open End Wrench3/8" x 7/16"4426Ratchet, 10-1/2" Series 400, Knurled Grip
1318Open End Wrench1/2" x 9/16"4435Flex Handle
1322Open End Wrench5/8" x 11/16"4475Universal
1326Open End Wrench3/4" x 13/16"
1330Open End Wrench7/8" x 15/16"SERVICE TOOLS
1340Open End Wrench1-1/8" x 1-1/4"E798Miniature Combination Wrench Set, 8 Pieces
1614Flare Nut Wrench3/8" x 7/16"9030Soft Face Hammer, 12 Oz., 1.25" Tip Dia.
1618Flare Nut Wrench1/2" x 9/16"9042Ball Peen Hammer, Fiberglass Handle, 16 Oz.
1622Flare Nut Wrench5/8" x 11/16"9105Phillips Screwdriver #2 - 4"
9123Round Shank Screwdriver, 1/4" - 4"
1/4" DRIVE SOCKETS & ATTACHMENTS9125Round Shank Screwdriver, 5/16" - 6"
20066 Pt. Standard Socket3/16"9126Round Shank Screwdriver, 3/8" - 8"
20076 Pt. Standard Socket7/32"9507Tape Measure, 3/4" x 16'
20086 Pt. Standard Socket1/4"9522Replaceable Hacksaw Blades, 12" - 24T, 10 each
20096 Pt. Standard Socket9/32"9523Hacksaw
20106 Pt. Standard Socket5/16"9660Punch & Chisel Set - 6 Pieces
20116 Pt. Standard Socket11/32"9AC08Adjustable Wrench, 8"
20126 Pt. Standard Socket3/8"9AC12Adjustable Wrench, 12"
20146 Pt. Standard Socket7/16"9C326Long Nose Pliers w/Side Cutter, 6"
20166 Pt. Standard Socket1/2"9C437Box Joint Cutting Pliers, 7"
24022" Extension9P6716SAviation Snips, Cuts Straight, Yellow, 10"
24066" Extension9V7RStraight Jaw Locking Pliers, 7"
2435Flex Handle9530Feeler Guage SAE 25 Blade
2475Universal Joint
2492Ratchet, 5-1/4"
311212 Pt. Standard Socket3/8"
311412 Pt. Standard Socket7/16"
311612 Pt. Standard Socket1/2"
311812 Pt. Standard Socket9/16"
312012 Pt. Standard Socket5/8"
312212 Pt. Standard Socket11/16"
312412 Pt. Standard Socket3/4"
34033" Extension
34088" Extension
341212" Extension
3426Ratchet, 7" Knurled Grip
3435Flex Handle, 8-1/2" Knurled Steel Grip

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