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Williams PC-27 27 Piece Punch & Chisel Set(Roll) JHWPC-27
Williams PC-27 27 Piece Punch & Chisel Set(Roll) JHWPC-27
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Williams PC-27 Punch And Chisel Set 27 Piece

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Part Number: JHWPC-27


Packed in a Pouch


  • Heavy duty construction for strength and durability.
  • ncludes punch and chisel holder for safety.

Country of Origin: US

Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty - subject to terms and conditions of manufacturer.

27 Piece Punch and Chisel Set

Packed in a Pouch

Product CodeDescriptionPoint Diameter (Inches)Product CodeDescriptionBlade Width (Inches)
P-3Pin Punch3/32C-8Cold Chisel1/4
P-4Pin Punch1/8C-10Cold Chisel5/16
P-5Pin Punch5/32C-12Cold Chisel3/8
P-6Pin Punch3/16C-16Cold Chisel1/2
P-8Pin Punch1/4C-20Cold Chisel5/8
P-10Pin Punch5/16C-24Cold Chisel3/4
P-13Solid Punch3/32C-28Cold Chisel7/8
P-14Solid Punch1/8C-32Cold Chisel1
P-15Solid Punch5/32C-36Cold Chisel1-1/8
P-16Solid Punch3/1628449Punch and Chisel Holder
P-17Solid Punch1/47/8" Capacity
P-25Long Taper Punch5/32   
P-26Long Taper Punch3/16   
P-28Long Taper Punch1/4   
P-30Prick Punch-   
P-40Center Punch-   
P-42Center Punch-   

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