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Williams Sliding T-Handle
Williams Sliding T-Handle
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Williams JHWX-20 Sliding T-Handle 1" Drive Chrome Finish 20" Long

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Part Number: JHWX-20
All tools are professional quality, made of high-grade chrome vanadium steel

Country of Origin: US

Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty - subject to terms and conditions of manufacturer.


Chrome and Black Industrial Finish

Product CodeDescriptionLength (Inches)Finish
X-41CFlex Handle Breaker Bar, Knurled Grip34 3/16Chrome
X-41CBFlex Handle Breaker Bar, Knurled Grip34 3/16Black Industrial
X-20Sliding T-Handle20Chrome
Sliding T-Handle Components 
X-20CSliding Head1-15/16Chrome

Fed. Spec: ANSI B107.10M
• Chrome plating provides increased protection from rust and corrosion.
• Drive handles provide extra leverage with greater strength than ratchets.
• Square drive slides on T-Handles for versatility.
• Flex handle flex drive swivels 110° in either direction.
• Spring and plunger socket retention.

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