Williams Ratcheting Repair Kit For S-52EHA
Williams Ratcheting Repair Kit For S-52EHA
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Williams JHWS-52EHRKA Ratcheting Repair Kit For EHA Model Enclosed Head Ratchets (S-52EHA and SB-52EHA)

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Part Number: JHWS-52EHRKA


  • Enclosed head is sealed to prevent dust, dirt, and liquids from entering head, preserving internal lubrication.
  • Forged one-piece ratchet provide strength and safety for industrial applications.
  • Smooth comfort-grip handle permits all-day use without gloves.
  • 36 tooth gear with 10 degree of engagement allows engagement in tight working areas.
  • Nickel/Chrome plating provides increase protection from rust and corrosion.
  • Chrome finish models feature mirror-like exterior that can be easily cleaned after each use.
  • Easy access reverse lever allows user to change working direction quickly and easily with only one hand.
  • Single Pawl ratchet design:

    1) Designed for tighter tolerances between pawl and gear which reduces metal fatigue and slippage under load.

    2) Does not require as many working parts, reducing possible breakage and parts to repair.

Country of Origin: US

Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty - subject to terms and conditions of manufacturer.


Williams® Sealed Narrow Head Design, Chrome and Black Industrial Finish

Product CodeDescriptionLength (Inches)Number of Teeth
JHWS-52EHA Chrome Finish Enclosed Head Ratchet 10-1/4"36
JHWS-52EHLAChrome Finish Enclosed Head Ratchet, Long 15"36
JHWSB-52EHLABlack Industrial Finish Enclosed Head Ratchet, Long15"36
JHWS-52EHFAChrome Finish Flex Head Ratchet14-1/4"36
JHWSB-52EHA Black Industrial Finish Enclosed Head Ratchet10-1/4"36
 JHWS-52EHRKA Repair Kit “EHA” Model Enclosed Head Ratchets 

Fed. Spec: ANSI B107.10M