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Williams 1/4" Drive Flex Head Ratchet 7"
Williams 1/4" Drive Flex Head Ratchet 7"
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Williams JHWM-52EHFA 1/4" Drive Flex Head Ratchet Chrome Finish 36 Teeth 7" Length

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Part Number: JHWM-52EHFA
  • Single Pawl Ratchet Design
  • Enclosed Head with 36-tooth Gear and 10DA; of Engagement
  • Easy Access Reverse Lever
  • Forged, One-Piece Ratchet with Chrome Plating
  • Smooth, Comfort-Grip Handle


JHWM-52EHFA 7" Chrome Finish Flex Head Ratchet


  • Enclosed head is sealed to prevent dust, dirt, and liquids from entering head, preserving internal lubrication.
  • Forged one-piece ratchet provide strength and safety for industrial applications.
  • 36 tooth gear with 10 degree of engagement allows engagement in tight working areas.
  • Nickel/Chrome plating provides increase protection from rust and corrosion.
  • Chrome finish models feature mirror-like exterior that can be easily cleaned after each use
  • Single Pawl ratchet design:

    -Designed for tighter tolerances between pawl and gear which reduces metal fatigue and slippage under load.

    -Does not require as many working parts, reducing possible breakage and parts to repair

  • Easy access reverse lever allows user to change working direction quickly and easily with only one hand

Country of Origin: US

Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty - subject to terms and conditions of manufacturer.

Product CodeDescriptionLength (Inches)Number of Teeth
JHWM-52EHAChrome Finish Enclosed Head Ratchet5-1/4"36
JHWM-52EHFAChrome Finish Flex Head Ratchet7"36
JHWMB-52EHABlack Industrial Finish Enclosed Head Ratchet5-1/4"36
JHWM-52EHRKARepair Kit for Enclosed Head Ratchets

Fed. Spec: ANSI B107.10M

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IN-STOCK - Usually ships within 1 to 4 business days
IN-STOCK - Usually ships within 1 to 4 business days
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