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URREA UH1207M 7Mm Non-sparking Combination 12 point Wrench

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Part Number: URRUH1207M
Metric combination Non-Sparkinf 12-point Wrench. Precision.machined openings for a perfect fit with nuts or bolts. Oval handle for a more comfortable grip. Super drive box-end design. Bronze-Aluminium Alloy. Tools recommended for 1, 2, 21 or 22 Ex zones. Opening size: 7 mm. Total length: 5-1/16". Outside diameter: open end: 5/8". Box end: 13/32".

URREA Metric Non-Sparking 12-Point Combination Wrenches

UH1206M6 mm5-1/16”5/8"13/32"15/64"3/16"
UH1207M7 mm5-1/16”5/8"13/32"15/64"3/16"
UH1208M8 mm5-9/16”11/16"35/64"1/4"13/64"
UH1209M9 mm6-1/16”13/16"19/32"5/16"7/32"
UH1210M10 mm6-9/16”15/16"11/16"5/16"1/4"
UH1211M11 mm6-9/16”15/16"11/16"5/16"1/4"
UH1212M12 mm7-1/16”1-3/64”25/32"11/32"17/64"
UH1213M13 mm7-1/16”1-3/64”25/32"11/32"17/64"
UH1214M14 mm7-9/16”1-13/64”7/8"23/64"9/32"
UH1215M15 mm7-9/16”1-13/64”7/8"23/64"9/32"
UH1216M16 mm8-2/16”1-21/64”31/32"25/64"5/16"
UH1217M17 mm8-15/16”1-29/64”1-3/64”27/64"21/64"
UH1218M18 mm8-15/16”1-29/64”1-3/64”27/64"21/64"
UH1219M19 mm9-13/16”1-9/16”1-7/64”29/64"21/64"
UH1220M20 mm10-11/16”1-11/16”1-7/32”31/64"3/8"
UH1221M21 mm10-11/16”1-11/16”1-7/32”31/64"3/8"
UH1222M22 mm11-9/16”1-51/64”1-5/16”33/64"25/64"
UH1223M23 mm11-9/16”1-51/64”1-5/16”33/64"25/64"
UH1224M24 mm12-7/16”1-29/32”1-13/32”35/64"13/32"
UH1225M25 mm12-7/16”1-29/32”1-13/32”35/64"13/32"
UH1226M26 mm13-5/16”2"1-1/2”37/64"7/16"
UH1227M27 mm14-3/16”2-9/64”1-5/8”39/64"29/64"
UH1228M28 mm15-1/2”2-17/64”1-45/64”5/8"15/32"
UH1229M29 mm15-1/2”2-17/64”1-45/64”5/8"15/32"
UH1230M30 mm15-1/2”2-17/64”1-45/64”5/8"15/32"
UH1232M32 mm16-14/16”2-33/64”1-7/8”11/16"33/64"
UH1233M33 mm17-11/16”2-41/64”1-61/64”3/4"35/64"
UH1234M34 mm17-11/16”2-41/64”1-61/64”3/4"35/64"
UH1237M37 mm19-7/16”2-57/64”2-9/64”13/16"9/16"
UH1238M38 mm20-6/16”3"2-3/16”27/32"39/64"
UH1241M41 mm23-2/16”3-25/64”2-13/32”29/32"21/32"
UH1246M46 mm28”3-41/64”2-43/64”31/32"45/64"
UH1250M50 mm28”3-57/64”3"63/64"23/32"
UH1251M51 mm28”3-57/64”3"63/64"23/32"

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IN-STOCK - Usually ships within 1 to 4 business days
IN-STOCK - Usually ships within 1 to 4 business days
IN-STOCK - Usually ships within 1 to 4 business days
IN-STOCK - Usually ships within 1 to 4 business days
IN-STOCK - Usually ships within 1 to 4 business days
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