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URREA UH00FG Non-Sparking Ball Pein Hammer 7 oz

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Part Number: URRUH00FG
Non-Sparking Ball Pein Hammers. Epoxy resin connection guarantees secure shafting. Bronze-aluminum cast head allows it to be used close to equipment sensitive to magnetism. Fiberglass handle with rubber grip minimizes the vibration felt on hands. New handle design, with shock absorbent guard included. Head weigth: 7 oz. Face diameter: 1-1/2”. Head length: 2-3/4”. Handle length: 69.8”. Total length: 11-1/4”.

URREA Non-Sparking Ball Pein Hammers

UH00FGBall pein hammerBronze-AlFiberglass handle0.198 kg7 oz1-1/2”2-3/4”69.8”11-1/4”0.354 kg0.78 lb
UH01FGBall pein hammerBronze-AlFiberglass handle0.51 kg18 oz1-25/32”3-1/16”77.7”12-1/2”0.708 kg1.56 lb
UH02FGBall pein hammerBronze-AlFiberglass handle0.709 kg25 oz1-25/32”3-1/16”77.7”12-1/2”0.99 kg2.18 lb
UH03FGBall pein hammerBronze-AlFiberglass handle0.907 kg32 oz2-3/16”3-3/4”95.2”14-1/4”1.19 kg2.81 lb

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IN-STOCK - Usually ships within 1 to 4 business days
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