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URREA 1000 V Trimaterial Nut Driver Sae nut driver Round shank 3/16"
URREA 1000 V Trimaterial Nut Driver Sae nut driver Round shank 3/16"
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URREA 9206TV 1000V Insulated Trimaterial Nut Driver Round Shank 3/16" Opening Size, Total Length 9"

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SAE nut driver. Red PP plastic: specially formulated durable material that prevents shaft slippage. Maximum torque power as it has a larger diameter section at the top of the handle. Molded and injected handle on the shaft for strength and durability. Black PP plastic: reinforced material specially formulated impactresistant and low temperatures resistant. Gray soft TPE material Specially formulated for better transmission of torque. Shank type: Round Shank. Opening size: 3/16". Exposed length: 5". Total length: 9".

URREA 1000 V Trimaterial Nut Drivers

9206TVRound shankSAE nut driver3/16"9"5"
9208TVRound shankSAE nut driver1/4"9"5"
9210TVRound shankSAE nut driver5/16"9"5"
9212TVRound shankSAE nut driver3/8"9"5"
9214TVRound shankSAE nut driver7/16"9"5"
9216TVRound shankSAE nut driver1/2"9"5"
9206MTVRound shankMetric nut driver6 mm9"5"
9207MTVRound shankMetric nut driver7 mm9"5"
9208MTVRound shankMetric nut driver8 mm9"5"
9209MTVRound shankMetric nut driver9 mm9"5"
9210MTVRound shankMetric nut driver10 mm9"5"
9211MTVRound shankMetric nut driver11 mm9"5"

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