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Abolox® is your best source for safety and personal protection equipment (PPE). The brands we represent must withstand the criticism of you the customer. If a manufacturer produces products that do not work for you, then they do not work for us either. You can rest assured that the safety items you see on this store are durable and of great quality. Try out some of the cut level gloves we have. You will be amazed at how comfortable they are and how well they work. To protect your eyes, we have safety glasses and goggles that are sure to impress.

Below are the brands of safety products that we offer:

Radians logo


Radians is leading the way to a safer tomorrow. In over 20 years, Radians has become a major leader in the safety industry by manufacturing high-performance Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the industrial, construction, and safety markets. Fostering a culture of innovation, flexibility, and excellence, Radians creates products, services and experiences that are leading the way to a safer tomorrow.

Radians makes the safety gear you need for the industrial, safety, utility, equipment, construction and work performance markets. They also sport a full spectrum of sporting goods products for adults, youth outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, range shooters and fisherman. For the DIY market, Radians has the safety products you need for carpenters, painters, gardeners, hobby enthusiasts and DIY weekend warriors. Last are the products needed by law enforcement and public safety, such as police officers, sheriffs, first responderes, security officers and school crosswalk attendants.

MCR Safety logo

MCR Safety

MCR Safety has forty-five years of experience as a leader in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE). Our assortment of offerings includes gloves, glasses, and garments that are made from the highest quality materials available to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and style.

MCR Safety distinguishes itself as a manufacturer of core product groups. Today MCR Safety is recognized as a global PPE leader and employs over 1600 internationally with approximately 300 at their distribution facility near Memphis, TN. They have been recognized multiple times for New Product of the Year Innovations and awards in manufacturing operations.

ERB Safety logo

ERB Safety

ERB Safety is the number one source for quality personal protection products and product decoration services. ERB dedicates themselves daily to providing quality tested proven products. Founded over 60 years ago with a passion for local entrepreneurship, their dedication to the safety products industry, involvement in writing applicable products standards and bringing to market products that customers love. This brand has many loyal fans that specifically request ERB brand products by name because of ERB's reputation for durability, comfort, style and price. ERB Safety is today’s industry quality safety product leader.

Neese logo


In its 60-year history, Neese Industries grew to be one of the major manufacturers of industrial protective clothing. Acquired by Radians in 2018, Neese by Radians carries on the tradition of providing high-performance protective rainwear and flame-resistant clothing to keep the global workforce and consumers safe. The pride that goes into every rainwear and FR garment with the Neese label shows up in many ways. From comfort and convenience features to high standards of workmanship, you can always count on Neese to exceed regulatory standards and provide the compliance solutions that safety professionals need.

Crossfire logo


The Crossfire brand of safety glasses was acquired by Radians several years ago. The entire Crossfire collection of safety glasses enjoy a loyal following of enthusiasts who demand fashion and safety. These are not the ugly safety glasses your grandfather wore, but are stylish and fashionable for both professional and for leisure users. And most importantly, they are tough. If you want to be safe and make a statement, then Crossfire will help you do just that.

dewalt logo


Recognized around the world, DEWALT has always had the toughest tools and equipment to help you get the job done. With DEWALT protective gear, now you can make sure that the toughest jobs are done safely. DEWALT protective gear is engineered for comfort, durability, and above all, safety.

bellingham logo


Bellingham® by Radians offers high-quality gloves designed for Lawn & Garden, Hardware, DIY, and Farm & Ranch uses. Protection, durability, and comfort are key design factors in the Bellingham glove line.

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