1. Radians RB33-NSYY Yellow Rain Bibs .25MM TPU/NYLON

Radians RB33-NSYY Yellow Rain Bibs .25MM TPU/NYLON

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Radians AQUARAD™ 25 lightweight rainwear, will keep workers dry in the rain or provide protection from dirty working conditions. The comfortable, flexible and lightweight TPU exterior provides industrial strength protection from hazard environmental conditions. The AQUARAD™25 series rainwear includes a jacket, bib overalls, and a detachable hood, all sold separately.

Applications: Food Processing, Sanitation Clean-Up, Agriculture, General Purpose


  • .25mm TPU coating on 200D Nylon Fabric.
  • Bib Style Overall with No Fly Front.
  • Adjustable Suspenders.

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