1. Radians RB20-NSKV Green Rain Bibs .42MM PVC/POLY Acid Gear

Radians RB20-NSKV Green Rain Bibs .42MM PVC/POLY Acid Gear

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Radians DURARAD™ 42, acid gear waterproof rainwear, will keep workers dry in the rain or provide protection from dirty working conditions. The heavy duty PVC/Poly material provides excellent protection in hazardous conditions which require extra performance, yet is soft and flexible for comfort. The treated polyester is Self-Extinguishing (SE) to test method D6413. The DURARAD™42 series rainwear includes a jacket, bib overalls, and full length coveralls, all sold separately.

Applications: Petrochemical • Chemical Applications • Environmental Clean-Up


  • .42mm Acid Green PVC/Poly material.
  • Self Extinguishing PVC material SE D6413 Tested.
  • Bib Style Overall with No Fly Front.
  • Reinforced Crotch for Increased Protection.

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