1. Radians Lens Cleaning LCD100 Lens Cleaning Towelette Dispenser

Radians Lens Cleaning LCD100 Lens Cleaning Towelette Dispenser

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Sturdy economical lens cleaning stations provide instant access for all lens cleaning needs in the plant or office. Strategically placed stations will promote proper lens cleaning techniques extending the life of prescription and non-prescription safety glasses. The specially developed formula will clean greasy and oily glasses while providing an anti-fog / anti-static coating. Low lint, non-abrasive tissue leaves lenses clear and streak free. May also be used on face shields, goggles, and full face respirators.


  • Available in large or small lens cleaning stations or easy to use disposable lens cleaning towelettes. 
  • Anti-fog and Anti-static. 
  • Silicone Free. 
  • Excellent for cleaning glass, plastic and polycarbonate. 
  • 100 foil wrapped towelettes in each dispenser. 
  • 1000 towelettes per case.

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