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Gearwrench 84984 3/4" Drive 6 Point Deep Impact Metric Socket 22mm MAIN
Gearwrench 84984 3/4" Drive 6 Point Deep Impact Metric Socket 22mm MAIN
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Gearwrench 84984 3/4" Drive 6 Point Deep Impact Metric Socket 22mm

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Part Number: GEA84984
  • Chrome molybdenum alloy steel (Cr-Mo) for exceptional strength and durability
  • Off-corner loading design reduces fastener rounding
  • Manganese phosphate finish to resist corrosion
  • High-visibility laser-etched markings provide quick size identification
  • Secondary hard stamped size markings
  • Meets or exceeds ASME specifications
  • Size: 22 mm
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

3/4" Drive 6 Point Deep Length Impact Sockets

Cat. No.SAE/MetricFastener SizeDim. A: (Drive End)Dim. B: (Wrench End)Dim. C: (Overall Length)Dim. D: (Bolt Clearance)Dim. E: (Wrench Depth)Dim. F: (Length to Shoulder)Product Weight
84863SAE3/4 in1.654 in1.26 in3.543 in0.531 in0.356 in2.362 in1.07 lb
84864SAE13/16 in1.654 in1.378 in3.543 in0.594 in0.418 in2.362 in1.16 lb
84865SAE7/8 in1.654 in1.417 in3.543 in0.594 in0.479 in2.362 in1.17 lb
84866SAE15/16 in1.654 in1.496 in3.543 in0.656 in0.49 in2.362 in1.23 lb
84867SAE1 in1.654 in1.575 in3.543 in0.656 in0.49 in2.362 in1.26 lb
84868SAE1-1/16 in1.732 in1.654 in3.543 in0.687 in0.49 in2.362 in1.41 lb
84869SAE1-1/8 in1.732 in1.732 in3.543 in0.781 in0.632 in2.632 in1.47 lb
84870SAE1-3/16 in1.732 in1.811 in3.543 in0.781 in0.632 in2.632 in1.54 lb
84871SAE1-1/4 in1.732 in1.89 in3.543 in0.812 in0.632 in2.632 in1.66 lb
84872SAE1-5/16 in1.732 in1.968 in3.543 in0.937 in0.74 in2.632 in1.70 lb
84873SAE1-3/8 in1.732 in2.047 in3.543 in0.937 in0.74 in2.632 in1.83 lb
84875SAE1-1/2 in1.732 in2.205 in3.543 in1.062 in0.847 in2.632 in1.99 lb
84876SAE1-9/16 in1.732 in2.283 in3.543 in1.062 in0.847 in2.632 in2.07 lb
84877SAE1-5/8 in1.732 in2.362 in3.543 in1.125 in0.847 in2.632 in2.15 lb
84878SAE1-11/16 in1.732 in2.441 in3.543 in1.187 in0.97 in2.632 in2.25 lb
84879SAE1-3/4 in1.732 in2.52 in3.543 in1.187 in0.98 in2.632 in2.45 lb
84880SAE1-13/16 in1.732 in2.598 in3.543 in1.25 in0.99 in2.632 in2.51 lb
84881SAE1-7/8 in1.732 in2.677 in3.543 in1.312 in1.062 in2.632 in2.56 lb
84882SAE1-15/16 in1.732 in2.756 in3.543 in1.312 in1.062 in2.632 in2.67 lb
84883SAE2 in1.732 in2.795 in3.543 in1.375 in1.062 in2.632 in2.79 lb
84984Metric22 mm1.732 in1.402 in3.543 in0.591 in0.492 in2.244 in1.34 lb
84985Metric23 mm1.732 in1.496 in3.543 in0.63 in0.5 in2.244 in1.36 lb
84986Metric24 mm1.732 in1.508 in3.543 in0.689 in0.547 in2.244 in1.39 lb
84987Metric26 mm1.732 in1.602 in3.543 in0.72 in0.575 in2.244 in1.47 lb
84988Metric27 mm1.732 in1.654 in3.543 in0.72 in0.622 in2.244 in1.50 lb
84989Metric30 mm1.732 in1.811 in3.543 in0.787 in0.657 in2.559 in1.65 lb
84990Metric32 mm1.732 in1.909 in3.543 in0.906 in0.72 in2.559 in1.74 lb
84991Metric33 mm1.732 in1.988 in3.543 in0.945 in0.752 in2.559 in1.80 lb
84992Metric35 mm1.732 in2.067 in3.543 in0.945 in0.791 in2.559 in1.96 lb
84993Metric36 mm1.752 in2.106 in3.543 in1.024 in0.846 in2.559 in1.98 lb
84994Metric38 mm1.752 in2.205 in3.543 in1.063 in0.878 in2.559 in2.05 lb
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