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Ergodyne 3194 Hand Tool Tethering Kit Front
Ergodyne 3194 Hand Tool Tethering Kit Front

Ergodyne 3194 Hand Tool Tethering Kit

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Squids 3194 Hand Tool Tethering Kit - 1lb

The Squids Variety 4-Pack. This tool tethering kit allows you to tether four different sized screwdrivers and hex key wrenches making it easy to use your tools on the job while preventing dropped objects when working at-heights.

The 3156 Coil Tool Lanyard is more than just a small tool and hard hat lanyard. Built and tested to endure tough conditions and rated to support weight up to 2lbs / 0.9kg, the coiled lanyard is made with a low-profile design and durable plastic. With the lightweight aluminum carabiner on one end and a tethering loop on the other, it easily connects to tool anchors and attachments, even while wearing gloves. The coiled tether design reduces lanyard length to prevent snag and tangle hazards. The coil stretches from a compact 12in to 48in / 30cm to 122 cm.


No additional install tools or complicated taping or shrinking! The patented Slips 3156 Coil Tool Lanyard to complete your tethering system. Unlike competitors that offer a fitted cap that can cover up information (like on the end of a screwdriver, for example) these solutions leave the end open. The single piece design is easier to install compared to competitors that require two to three pieces to be assembled onto the tool.

Simply poke the end of the hand tool through the orange interior membrane of the Tool Slip and slide the attachment to the desired location. The star points of the attachment’s interior will hold its location and the swiveling exterior ring will provide a connection point for tool lanyards. To remove the Slips, simply push on the tab to loosen and then slide it off the shaft of the tool. No adhesive residue or mess will be left behind!


Small hand tools have always been challenging to connect tool lanyards to. Screw drivers, small combination wrenches, punches, hex (Allen) wrenches and the like do not have captive connection points, and the low-profile designs can make it difficult for tapes, shrinks and tails to be applied. The Squids Hand Tool Slips allow you to tether tools up to 1lb. based on their diameter. Four sizes of Slips are compatible on tools with diameters ranging from 0.05” (1.3mm) to ½” (12.5mm). Check out the size chart for specific ranges per size.


  • Approved to the ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standard
  • Kit includes:
  • One Variety 4-Pack 3740 Hand Tool Attachment Trap – Slips
  • One 3156 Coil Low Profile Tool Lanyard with Single Carabiner
  • Tether four different sized screwdrivers and hex key wrenches ranging from 0.05in – 0.5in // 1.3mm – 12.5mm diameter
  • Maximum tethering capacity of up to 1lb – 0.5kg
  • 3740 Slips FEATURES::
  • Patent-pending one-piece design easily slides onto small hand tools without requiring additional tools to install or complicated wrapping or shrinking
  • Swiveling exterior ring spins 360- degrees allowing screwdrivers and other rotating tools to be used without issue
  • Flexible inner core grips tool after application securing it as an attachment point
  • 3156 Coil Lanyard FEATURES::
  • Low-profile durable plastic coil to withstand even the toughest conditions
  • Coiled lanyard design prevents snag and tangle hazards
  • Lightweight aluminum carabiner with manual locking screw gate
  • Tethering loop to securely connect to an anchor or tool attachment
  • Coiled length 12in / 30cm; extended length 48in / 122cm

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