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Ergodyne Hi-Vis Nitrile-Coated Level 4 Cut Gloves - Case Pair
Ergodyne Hi-Vis Nitrile-Coated Level 4 Cut Gloves - Case Pair

Ergodyne 7041 Hi-Vis Wet Grip and Cut Resistant Gloves-144 Pairs

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Part Number: ERG7041-CASE

ProFlex 7041-CASE Hi-Vis Nitrile-Coated Cut-Resistant Gloves - ANSI A4, WSX Wet Grip (144-Pair)

CASE PACK – Includes 144 Pairs

The ProFlex 7041 Hi-Vis Nitrile-Coated Level – Cut-Resistant Gloves are designed with two new technologies to create the most comfortable, breathable and best gripping ANSI cut level – gloves on the market.

This knit work glove is made with high-performance polyethylene (HPPE) fibers for superior A4 cut protection. HPPE doesn’t include steel or glass often used in other anti-cut gloves which can cause irritation. The WSX dip combined with TenaLux yarn make these palm-coated gloves cool to the touch with 360-degrees of breathability. They are lighter weight than traditional A4 cut-resistant gloves and increase visibility with the hi-vis lime on the backside of the hand.

The liquid-resistant special coating absorbs and wicks moisture from the surface making these firm-grip gloves stand out especially in wet oily and wet conditions. The water-based polyurethane (PU) coating combined with nitrile dip allows maximum dexterity and significantly relieves hand fatigue while ensuring durability.

The ProFlex Level 4 Cut-Resistant Gloves are best for workers in construction, assembly, fabrication, pulp & paper, service technicians or workers handling sheet metal or other sharp edge materials.


  • CUT PROTECTION – ANSI A4 Cut Protection
  • ABRASION-RESISTANT – ANSI level – abrasion resistance
  • SUPERIOR GRIP – WSX™ dip technology provides best-performing grip in wet/oily conditions
  • BREATHABILITY – WSX™ combined with TenaLux™ yarn provides 360-degree breathability with – cool to the touch feel
  • SEAMLESS KNIT WRIST – Prevents dirt and debris from entering the glove
  • HI-VIS COLOR – Increased visibility and safety

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