CDI Torque Force Arm Kit-Small & Large Arms CDI
CDI Torque Force Arm Kit-Small & Large Arms CDI
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CDI 2000-263-02 Force Arm Kit Small And Large Arms

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Part Number: CDI2000-263-02


CDI’s All Inclusive Calibration System Model 2000-1

  • Our most comprehensive calibration system for torque and force
  • Calibrate torque wrenches up to 2000 ft. lbs.
  • Check the accuracy and calibrate cable tensiometers, tension and compression gauges
  • Includes the easy-to-use 4-in-1 transducer kit
  • Eleven single transducers ranging from 5 in. oz. up to 2000 ft. lbs.
  • Includes torque screwdriver testing kit
  • Automatic safety feature locks system to prevent overloading and possible damage to transducers
  • Displays eight units of torque and six units of force
  • Also includes a calibration stand and all necessary calibration wheels, arms, weights and trays
  • Downloading software included

Country of Origin: US


Product CodeDescriptionProduct CodeDescription
2000-610-02MULTITEST Monitor2000-550-02Extension Arm Kit for Long Torque Wrenches
2000-600-02Mechanical Loader 2000 ft. lb. capacity2000-750-02Torque Screwdriver Testing Kit
2000-100-02Roller Cabinet2000-320-0No. 1 Weight Set
2000-400-024 in 1 Transducer Kit, 4 in. lbs. to 250 ft. lbs.2500-50-02-1/2” Calibration Wheel
2000-500-024 In 1 Transducer Adapter Kit2000-151-05” Calibration Wheel
2000-4-02*Transducer Range From 5 - 50 in. ozs. (*± 0.5%)2000-152-010” Butterfly Wheel
2000-5-02Transducer Range From 15 - 200 in. ozs.2000-154-040” Calibration Arm
2000-6-02Transducer Range From 4 - 50 in. lbs.390-2-24 oz. Weight Hanger
2000-65-02Transducer Range From 15 - 150 in. lbs.2000-3018 oz. Weight Hanger
2000-7-02Transducer Range From 30 - 400 in. lbs.2000-304-07.5 lb. Weight Hanger
2000-8-02Transducer Range From 80 - 1000 in. lbs.2000-302-015 lb. Weight Hanger
2000-10-02Transducer Range From 10 - 125 ft. lbs.2000-303-050 lb. Weight Hanger
2000-11-02Transducer Range From 20 - 250 ft. lbs.2000-250-02Calibration Stand Kit
2000-12-02Transducer Range From 60 - 600 ft. lbs.2000-260-0Tension Meter
2000-13-02Transducer Range From 100 - 1000 ft. lbs.2000-261-0Force Gauge
2000-14-02Transducer Range From 200 - 2000 ft. lbs.2000-262-0Compression Gauge
900-0-1KITJoint Rate Simulator 50 in. lbs. capacity2000-263-02Force Arm Kit
900-2-01KITJoint Rate Simulator 400 in. lbs. capacity2000-SWPC Software
900-3-01KITJoint Rate Simulator 1000 in. lbs. capacity2000-50-3PC Cables Multitest/Suretest

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SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - Please call for availabilty and lead time
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IN-STOCK - Usually ships within 1 to 4 business days