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  1. Radians PDFP70-500 Earplugs Dispenser for 500 Pairs

Radians PDFP70-500 Earplugs Dispenser for 500 Pairs

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Feature 3 Each
Radians PDFP70-500 Plug Dispenser, FP70, 500 Pair

Radians disposable foam plug dispenser features a patent pending dispenser funnel that provides manageable and easy disperal of earplugs. The slim vertical orientation provides a space saving fit on any wall or surface. The 360 degree bi-directional rotation funnel allows for quick and easy access to the earplugs.


  • 500 pair FP70 foam plug
  • NRR 32
  • Slim Vertical Orientation
  • Patented 360 degree bi-directional rotating funnel
  • Variable mounting bracket
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