1. Radians Headgear HG-410BWM

Radians Headgear HG-410BWM

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All Radians headgear & cap adapters have universal pegs that will accommodate a wide variety of face shields and fit most hard hats.


  • HG-400 - Ratchet Suspension. Face shield NOT included.
  • HG-410BWM - HG-410B with wire mesh visor.
  • HG-410A4 - Cap Adapter. Visor bracket. (All Aluminum).
  • HG-410B (Blade) - Cap Adapter. Dielectric for slotted cap.
  • HG-410A (Band) - Cap Adapter. Dielectric with retention band.
  • HG-410-A4F - Cap Adapter. Full brim visor bracket. (All Aluminum).

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