Wright Tool , 260-Piece Master Metrictenance Set-Tools Only
Wright Tool , 260-Piece Master Metrictenance Set-Tools Only
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Wright Tool 191, 260-Piece Master Metric Maintenance Set-Tools Only

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Part Number: WRI191

Wright Tool 191, 260-Piece Master Metric Maintenance Set-Tools Only

Wright Tool Master sets designed for the professional. From the Mega Master Set to smaller apprentice and basic service and metric sets. Each set contains quality tools, carefully selected according to need and coverage.


  • Master sets are available with or without cabinets or Chests. Storage units are researched and selected specifically to handle the set purchased
  • Patented Wright Drive & WrightGrip technology provides more tool-to-fastener contac, better fastener torque load and longer tool life.
  • Wright Tools are Forged and Machined for Best Fit and Unyielding Strength
  • Wright Tool Brand is made in the USA

Master Metric Maintenance Set

Master Metric Maintenance Set—1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Drives

Set No. 191 (Tools Only - Cabinets Not Included) 260- Pieces

Part NumberDescriptionSizePart NumberDescriptionSize
10-10mm3/8" Drive Metric Crowfoot Wrench10mm41-09mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket9mm
10-11mm3/8" Drive Metric Crowfoot Wrench11mm41-10mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket10mm
10-12mm3/8" Drive Metric Crowfoot Wrench12mm41-11mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket11mm
10-13mm3/8" Drive Metric Crowfoot Wrench13mm41-12mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket12mm
10-14mm3/8" Drive Metric Crowfoot Wrench14mm41-13mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket13mm
10-15mm3/8" Drive Metric Crowfoot Wrench15mm41-14mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket14mm
10-16mm3/8" Drive Metric Crowfoot Wrench16mm41-15mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket15mm
10-17mm3/8" Drive Metric Crowfoot Wrench17mm41-16mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket16mm
10-18mm3/8" Drive Metric Crowfoot Wrench18mm41-17mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket17mm
10-19mm3/8" Drive Metric Crowfoot Wrench19mm41-18mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket18mm
11-06mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.6mm41-19mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket19mm
11-07mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.7mm41-20mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket20mm
11-08mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.8mm41-21mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket21mm
11-09mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.9mm41-22mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket22mm
11-10mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.10mm41-23mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket23mm
11-11mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.11mm41-24mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket24mm
11-12mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.12mm41-25mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket25mm
11-13mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.13mm41-26mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket26mm
11-14mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.14mm41-27mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket27mm
11-15mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.15mm41-28mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket28mm
11-16mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.16mm41-29mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket29mm
11-17mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.17mm41-30mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket30mm
11-18mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.18mm41-32mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket32mm
11-19mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.19mm41-36mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket36mm
11-20mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.20mm42-06mmHex Bit Socket6mm
11-21mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.21mm42-08mmHex Bit Socket8mm
11-22mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.22mm42-10mmHex Bit Socket10mm
11-23mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.23mm42-12mmHex Bit Socket12mm
11-24mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.24mm42-14mmHex Bit Socket14mm
11-25mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.25mm42-17mmHex Bit Socket17mm
11-26mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.26mm44022" Extension
11-27mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.27mm44055" Extension
11-30mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.30mm441010" Extension
11-32mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.32mm442020" Extension
11-36mmMetric Combination Wrench, 12 Pt.36mm4426Ratchet, 10-1/2" Series 400, Knurled Grip
16-11mmMetric Flare Nut Wrench, 6 Pt.9mm x 11mm4435Flex Handle, 18" Knurled Steel Grip
16-12mmMetric Flare Nut Wrench, 6 Pt.10mm x 12mm4443Sliding T
16-14mmMetric Flare Nut Wrench, 6 Pt.13mm x 14mm4445LSpeeder
16-17mmMetric Flare Nut Wrench, 6 Pt.15mm x 17mm4453Adaptor, 1/2" F x 3/8" M
16-21mmMetric Flare Nut Wrench, 6 Pt.19mm x 21mm4475Universal
4478Micro-Adjustable Torque Wrench, 30-250 Ft. Lbs.
1/4" DRIVE SOCKETS & ATTACHMENTS46-09mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket9mm
20-04mm6 Pt. Standard Metric Socket4mm46-10mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket10mm
20-05mm6 Pt. Standard Metric Socket5mm46-11mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket11mm
20-06mm6 Pt. Standard Metric Socket6mm46-12mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket12mm
20-07mm6 Pt. Standard Metric Socket7mm46-13mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket13mm
20-08mm6 Pt. Standard Metric Socket8mm46-14mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket14mm
20-09mm6 Pt. Standard Metric Socket9mm46-15mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket15mm
20-10mm6 Pt. Standard Metric Socket10mm46-16mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket16mm
20-11mm6 Pt. Standard Metric Socket11mm46-17mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket17mm
20-12mm6 Pt. Standard Metric Socket12mm46-18mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket18mm
20-13mm6 Pt. Standard Metric Socket13mm46-19mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket19mm
20-14mm6 Pt. Standard Metric Socket14mm46-20mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket20mm
24022" Extension46-21mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket21mm
24044" Extension46-22mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket22mm
24066" Extension46-24mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket24mm
241010" Extension46-25mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket25mm
2426Ratchet, 4-3/4"46-26mm12 Pt. Deep Metric Socket26mm
2475Universal JointSERVICE TOOLS
25-04mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket4mm9023Dead Blow Hammer with Super Grip, 1 Lb.
25-05mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket5mm9029Brass Hammer with Super Grip, 2.5 Lbs.
25-06mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket6mm9030Soft Face Hammer, 12 Oz., 1.25"
25-07mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket7mm9040Ball Peen Hammer, Fiberglass Handle, 8 Oz.
25-08mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket8mm9042Ball Peen Hammer, Fiberglass Handle, 16 Oz.
25-09mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket9mm9101Phillips Screwdriver #2 - 1-1/2"
25-10mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket10mm9104Phillips Screwdriver #1 - 3"
25-11mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket11mm9105Phillips Screwdriver #2 - 4"
25-12mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket12mm9106Phillips Screwdriver #3 - 6"
25-13mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket13mm9109Phillips Screwdriver #4 - 8"
9112Cabinet Tip Screwdriver, 1/8" - 3"
3/8" DRIVE SOCKETS & ATTACHMENTS9122Round Shank Screwdriver, 1/4" - 1-1/2"
30-06mm6 Pt. Standard Metric Socket6mm9123Round Shank Screwdriver, 1/4" - 4"
30-07mm6 Pt. Standard Metric Socket7mm9125Round Shank Screwdriver, 5/16" - 6"
31-08mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket8mm9126Round Shank Screwdriver, 3/8" - 8"
31-09mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket9mm9132Square Shank Screwdriver, 1/4" - 4"
31-10mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket10mm9134Square Shank Screwdriver, 5/16" - 6"
31-11mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket11mm9135Square Shank Screwdriver, 3/8" - 8"
31-12mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket12mm9136Square Shank Screwdriver, 3/8" - 10"
31-13mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket13mm9181Two-in-One Flip Screwdriver w/Pocket Clip
31-14mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket14mm#1 Phillips and 5/32" Slotted Blades. OAL 4-3/4"
31-15mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket15mm9184Offset Screwdriver, 5/16"
31-16mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket16mm9236Metric Hollow Shaft Nut Driver, 4mm
31-17mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket17mm9237Metric Hollow Shaft Nut Driver, 4.5mm
31-18mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket18mm9238Metric Hollow Shaft Nut Driver, 5mm
31-19mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket19mm9239Metric Hollow Shaft Nut Driver, 5.5mm
31-20mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket20mm9240Metric Hollow Shaft Nut Driver, 6mm
31-21mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket21mm9241Metric Hollow Shaft Nut Driver, 7mm
31-22mm12 Pt. Standard Metric Socket22mm9242Metric Hollow Shaft Nut Driver, 8mm
32-02mmMetric Hex Bit Socket2mm9244Metric Hollow Shaft Nut Driver, 10mm
32-02.5mmMetric Hex Bit Socket2.5mm9245Metric Hollow Shaft Nut Driver, 11mm
32-03mmMetric Hex Bit Socket3mm9R31020RIDGID Pipe Wrench, 14"
32-04mmMetric Hex Bit Socket4mm9471Stripper/Crimper/Cutter, 10-20 AWG
32-05mmMetric Hex Bit Socket5mm9481Gasket Scraper, Blade Width 1-1/2"
32-06mmMetric Hex Bit Socket6mm9491Scraper, Stiff Blade, 1-1/4"
32-08mmMetric Hex Bit Socket8mm9523Hacksaw
32-10mmMetric Hex Bit Socket10mm9526Utility Knife
3260Standard Screwdriver Socket with Bit1/4"9530Feeler Gauge
3262Standard Screwdriver Socket with Bit3/8"9535Magnetic Pick-up Tool
3266Phillips Screwdriver Socket with Bit#29576Punch Bar, 5/8" x 18"
3267Phillips Screwdriver Socket with Bit#39660Punch & Chisel Kit, 6 Pieces
3268Phillips Screwdriver Socket with Bit#49685Punch & Chisel Holder
34022" Extension9AC06Adjustable Wrench, 6"
34033" Extension9AC08Adjustable Wrench, 8"
34055" Extension9AC10Adjustable Wrench, 10"
34088" Extension9AC12Adjustable Wrench, 12"
341212" Extension9C326Long Nose Pliers w/Side Cutter, 6"
342424" Extension9C367Linesman Pliers, Round Nose, 7-1/2"
3426Ratchet, 7" Knurled Grip9C368Linesman Pliers, Round Nose, 9-1/2"
3435Flex Handle9C420Tongue and Groove Pliers, 9-1/2"
3443Sliding T9C430Tongue and Groove Pliers, 10"
3445Speeder, 14-1/2"9C436Pliers, Box Joint, 6"
3452Adaptor, 3/8" F x 1/4" M9C437Pliers, Box Joint, 7"
3454Adaptor, 3/8" F x 1/2" M9C440Tongue and Groove Pliers, 12"
3475Universal9C526Slip Joint Pliers Wire Cutting Shears, 6"
35-06mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket6mm9G95202Screw Extractor Set - 5 Pieces
35-07mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket7mm9H1234Retaining Ring Pliers w/Replaceable Tips
35-08mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket8mm9P6716SAviation Snips, Cuts Straight, Yellow, 10"
35-09mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket9mm9V10RStraight Jaw Locking Pliers, 10"
35-10mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket10mm9V7RStraight Jaw Locking Pliers, 7"
35-11mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket11mm9E69210Metric L-Key Set, Short Arm in Pouch - 10 Pieces
35-12mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket12mm9M42007Dominator Carbon Scraper, 1-1/2"
35-13mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket13mm
35-14mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket14mm
35-15mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket15mm
35-16mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket16mm
35-17mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket17mm
35-18mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket18mm
35-19mm6 Pt. Deep Metric Socket19mm