About Us

About Abolox


Abolox was founded in 2013 in Melbourne, Florida, which is in the heart of Florida’s Space Coast. We are a fast growing company founded by leaders with many years of combined industry experience and a yearning to be better than the status quo. It seems increasing difficult to get any service from the current establishment of companies. Gone are the days when somebody would fill up your gas tank, check the fluids and wash your windows. Nowadays it is nearly impossible to get a human being on the phone, and we are forced to navigate some complex automated phone system only to find out after minutes of waiting that the company is closed.

So Abolox was founded with the primary objective of serving its customers. We believe if we can deliver to our customers the best products and the best experience, we will earn their loyalty. We want your experience with Abolox to be a pleasure, and we work very hard to deliver on this promise. We guarantee you will be greeted by someone who understands your needs and is committed to helping you be successful in what you do. We believe that if you are successful and happy, we will be successful and happy. This culture is promulgated throughout our company from the newest, yougest employee to the most senior executives. Our bottom line is your satisfaction.

Please give Abolox a try. We will never take you for granted.

Our Vision

As a world-class supplier of safety equipment, tools, industrial supplies and defense parts, our vision is to distinguish ourself from our competition by providing the best value of quality and price to our customers. Not only do we represent some of the most reputable brands on the planet, but with honor and integrity, we promise to be transparent with our customers and vendors while delivering on every promise we make. We know people do business with people they trust, and our vision is through hard work to earn your trust, thus earning your business. And we take this calling seriously!

Our Values

At Abolox, we believe strongly that honesty, integrity and reputation are the keys to success in life and in business. We say what we mean and mean what we say. We believe in the golden rule – treat our customers the way we like to be treated. Having the best selection of innovative products at competitive prices isn’t enough. We operate under three core values:

  1. DELIVER PHENOMENAL CUSTOMER SERVICE – It’s simple, if we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.
  2. CONTINUALLY IMPROVE – We believe that our company processes can always be improved, making us more efficient. This allows us to ship faster, control overhead and keep prices low.
  3. OPERATE WITH A SENSE OF URGENCY IN EVERYTHING WE DO – Whether it be packaging a special order or processing a return, time is of the essence. We realize that a delay could effect your livelihood and we promise to act swiftly.

Our Contact Information

Mailing Address: Abolox LLC
1509 Lake Street
Melbourne, FL, 32901-4665
Main Phone: (321) 610-1896
Fax: (321) 610-1897
General Information: info@abolox.com
Returns: info@abolox.com
Sales: sales@abolox.com
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time

Please Give Us Your Feedback

You have made an investment by choosing to do business with Abolox and we take that relationship seriously. Are we delivering on our vision and values? We would love to hear from you.